March 5, 2011

Broken EnglisH

thanks to someone for giving me this idea..
today, I just want to share what the pro n cont's within broken english and proper english
Actually I more prefer with the broken english because it's look more friendly and cool

OMG I'm juz write it (proper english)
arggghhhh... I can't stand wit dis...
sooooo skema OK....
hehehehhe.. actually it's such a fun when u use it (broken english)
I'm also luv it even sumtimes it's look so dumb..hahaaha
but I'm still use it...actually it's not's make u forgot certain words especially when u really wanna use it
for example, in office..ur boss ask for a report..then, on dat timela we suddenly lost how to spell a certain2 words
then wut gonna b happen..kabut r...start asking others
"weh, cne nk eja ni..." hahaha so funny... It's really happen

from da good side is most of Malaysian now dis luv write in english... they more confident with it
korang prasan x?? even budak secondary skool pon dh pndai... especially common words like "cz" "skool" "wut" "dis" hahahaha..juz like me it is...
sekurang2nye they noe the meanings of a words n when to use it...cuma eja jew sbutan betol
but actually not so good la... yewla, kang xpasal2 dorang "terpost" mse exam (broken english nih)
hahahaha..but cool kan...
rojakkn bahasa wit using wrongly words "terpost" but u'll still dpt tangkap I right?? cool!!!

ok2...for blogging it's maybe cool...mayb also cool when u use it in social networks like FB o Twitter o myspace o friendster o tagged many "o" la....
yewla, it's more comfortable, fast to type (cz it short) n cool
for me, as long as org faham .. it's doesn't matter..


for a student's out there please use proper english... don't be like me ok...


Sekian saja for today!!!

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