February 18, 2011

CreDiT CarD

TQ to The Greatest Gift for the ideas...

now I nk share skit pasal Credit Card.. Now like trends jew guna Credit Cards (CC) kan.... so juz wanna say "WELCOME TO CITOS" hahahhaa.. don't be to scared to use it.. but, u have to manage it properly n must have high discipline!!! d tekankan MUST HAVE :) 
you noe wut, CC tu penting jugak but nammo use it sesuka hati... cz it wil b DANGEROUS once u wrongly use it... so here, I will share a tips how to make sure u'olzz x tergolong dlm keluarga CCRIS CITOS ni.. once tergolong, then blacklisted... I can't helping.. seriously... who's can helping u is PERSONAL LOAN... so, dis time u will getting worst.. seriously... like org tua2 said "kua mulut boye msk mulut singe" wooow... so SCARED ok... I ckp best on experience as a banker (cover, padahal tkut terjerat gak)

 Now, refer to CC back..ianye boleh d katekan important gak cz not smua org sentiase hv a cash yg byk rights... juz imagine, suddenly ur car broke down kt tgh jln then jauh dr kdai yg u xmampu nk tolak..cbe citer, citer (gaya dlm hantu kak limah) nk xnak kne gak kol kwn.. then pe je kwn mampu buat?? tlg tolak sampai KURUS?? mmg xkn...last2 kne gak call toll-truck kan.. klo dh mlm buto bpe pulok nk charge kn, pas2 nk byr wet kreta yg xtau pe probs lg kn... tbe2 kte kne overhaul.. mmg terduduk... so nk xnk kne gak gne CC.... xpon tggl je kreta kt c2 n amek sampai de duit nk bya...hahahhaa.... ape yg I cbe nk g tau, u can use it when URGENT!! but with full of disciplines.. pay it on time even minimum payment.. u have too..otherwise "CITOS, here I come" If u pay wit minimum, so jgn nk brangan nk guna pas 2.... sbb itu akn sesakkn u all.. byr sekurang2nye smpai 60percent dr yg dh terguna then br guna... klo 100percent lg bguih... :) and FYI, CC ni baguih gak depends with wut type of CC.. such as PETRONAS o normal one (product CIMB yg lain xtau)... so u can get rebate o a point from it.. so nnt leh la redeem voucher o brg2 ... I loike... alah membeli, mnang memakai... 

so plz set in ur mind "CC not a BURDEN if I noe how to handle it"   

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