February 22, 2011

love QUOTE

1. when u stalk me, I noe u alwayz think about me.. when u annoy, I noe u need attention frm me.. thanks for being ma STALKER n ANNOYING persons cz I noe how much u really care about me...

2. don't regret about da past.. but looking forward for a bright future

3. sumtimes I'm getting angry when u start talk about a past but actually it's kinda romantic cz u keep remember our memories b4

4. Women normally totally piss off without any reasons when they saw a text, a comment or a tag from others women to his partners.. but did u noe, how lucky u r?? cz being selected from thousand out there... juz think +ve n try to b da best among da best Enhanced by Smiley Central believe in miracle

:: "quote" yang terlintas di kepala shaye ::
:: sgt mnunjukkn emosi shaye ::

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